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Walking With God: Spiritual Practices for Ordinary People

In scripture, a life with God is often described in terms of walking. When God first spoke to Abraham, the words were, “I am God Almighty, walk with me.” Jesus took the same approach when calling the apostles. He said to them, “Come, follow me.” In Greek, to follow means to accompany on a journey or to walk with someone down a road. 

When people walk together, they form a relationship with each other. Walking with someone is where we talk, share ideas, and listen to each other. Rarely do we walk with enemies, but when we do, it is hard not to talk. Walking is more than exercise, it is about growing in our experience of life.

Walking with God is based on a book by Adam Hamilton titled, “The Walk.” Each week we will highlight one of five simple spiritual practices which help ordinary people follow, experience and grow in Christ. Hamilton described the book as being for ordinary people whose faith is sometimes messy. Right now, we are living in a messy time. We hope this worship series helps you discover the joy of walking with God.

Each week, we will include a Spiritual Practice Guide to help you practice what we preach. This guide is designed to be a simple 10-minute spiritual practice of praying, reading, and reflecting. Our hope is that you grow spiritually through the process. 

Sunday, August 2: Worship and Prayer

Spiritual Practice Guide for Week 1

Sunday, August 9: Study: Listening and Paying Attention

Spiritual Practice Guide for Week 2

Sunday, August 16: Serving: Here I Am Lord

Sunday, August 23: Give: Treasure Identification

Sunday, August 30:  Share: Gone Fishing