Advent UMC Eagan

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The History of Advent United Methodist Church

In the summer of 1981 a vision was created for the planting of a new United Methodist Church congregation in the Eagan community. Meetings took place, plans were developed, and in January, 1982 five acres of land was purchased at 3945 Lexington Avenue South, by the UMC Conference New Church Development Committee. Two months later, Rev. Loren Nelson was asked to come to Eagan to organize the new congregation.

Through the next several months, the Eagan Mission Development Committee made plans and on September 19, 1982, fifty people from other United Methodist congregations converged on Eagan for a door-to-door literature distribution, alerting residents that a new neighbor was coming to Eagan. The first worship service of this new church community was held on Sunday, November 7, 1982, at the Northview Elementary School on Diffley Road. There were 120 people in attendance!

On the first Sunday of Advent in November, 1982, the congregation adopted “ADVENT United Methodist Church of Eagan” as their official/formal church name, and the congregation was officially chartered March 20, 1983.

The first building constructed by Advent at the Lexington site included a multi-purpose hall where worship, education and fellowship could take place. The first worship service was held in the new facility on November 30, 1986.

In 1992, Rev. Nelson left Advent UMC, and Rev. Frederick “Fritz” Sauer became pastor. That fall brought the
10th Anniversary of the congregation, and a vision for building a new Sanctuary began to bubble up within the congregation and in 1993, a building committee was appointed to explore the needs of the expanding congregation and plan for building
a new worship space (see photos of construction process below).

The Advent congregation celebrated their last worship service in the original multi-purpose space on April 9, 2000. A week later, Palm Sunday was celebrated in a brand new Sanctuary, with more than 300 people attending each of two services.

The Advent congregation has always been a joyful one! We are proud of our history and excited about our future. We are grateful that the people of this congregation have the courage to dream and to strive to serve God, one another, and our community. We hope you will consider coming along on this blessed journey of life!