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So everyone feels welcome and so we know who you are, please register every Youth in your household ages 7-12th grade here.

Sunday Mornings (Grades 7 – 8)

On most Sundays, youth in Grades 7 and 8 will be in ministry with Faith Builders (K-6) as “Faith Friends.” They will start these Sundays in worship with their family, then leave the sanctuary with the Faith Builders. We will spend some time with them on their own, getting them ready to help out with our Faith Builders ministry and taking a deeper dive into the scripture used in Faith Builders. This will be a great opportunity for them to bond TOGETHER and show leadership, responsibility, and most importantly, hospitality and love to our younger children. 

Confirmation (Grade 9)

In order to accommodate all of the incredible scheduling pressures our youth have on their time, we have opted for the following model.

  • On the first Sunday of the Month (usually), confirmands will either assist in Worship or sit together in worship and work on worship notes. Confirmands assisting in worship will also help with Communion! Afterwards, they will spend about 15 minutes with the preacher talking about the service and the preacher’s sermon. 
  • One OTHER Sunday a month, we will have Confirmation Classes DIRECTLY AFTER SERVICE (11:30am – 1:00pm). These will be themed sessions and include opportunities for parents to come and “remember their baptism” as well. 
  • The classdates we are currently working with are: 9/29, 10/13, 11/10, 1/12, 2/9, 3/8, and 4/19.
  • The date for Confirmation rehearsal is 4/26/20, and the official confirmation ceremony is on 5/3/20.


More information will be coming. We have created a Youth Calendar for you to access that includes all of the above dates, plus those of the in worship dates. 


Youth Night (Grades 7-12)

Youth night runs most Sunday Evenings from 4:00 to 6:00pm. (Calendar for that is here)
This year, as Confirmation is NOT in the evening, our plan is to have much more flexibility in our programming. There will be more traditional evenings with a similar format to last year (Food/Games/Small Groups/Worship) but there will be more “Special” evenings with a more “Mission and Mayhem” style to it. We will be trying some cool things out and I really hope your youth (and their friends!) can be a part of it!   

For more info on any of the above programs,
contact Rev Grant Spencer, Youth Pastor or email Advent.

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Special Events

We are less than a month from the start of summer! We even briefly had one! We were complaining about the heat. Now we can complain about the cold and soon, we can go back to complaining about the heat again! (Thank you, Eric, for the inspiration of that joke.)

With COVID restrictions lightening further, we feel pretty good about scheduling the following events. These are ones we have on the calendar NOW and their may be others as the summer progresses. I have tried to steer clear of the graduation parties (as there are A LOT this year!)

Also, most Sundays, Pastor Grant will be hanging out at the Dunns/Rita’s area (weather and personal life permitting) right after service if any youth want to drop by! His plan is to head over after service (around 11:15-11:30) and just “hang out” for a bit.

“Blessings Ahead!”

Summer 2021 Events


Who : Open to all of our youth! (Grades 7-12)

When : Tuesday, July 13, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Where :  Schow Residence – 1519 97th Street E, Inver Grove Heights, MN, 55077

Open to all youth! Come and pick some of Jean and Shawn’s delicious blueberries! Take some home. Eat some with ice cream (provided SAFELY at the event). Play some yard games.

While the youth are picking/playing, parents are welcome to visit with the leaders and get to know us a little better (and eat some of their blueberries and ice cream!)

Past Summer 2021 Events





Senior Sayonara at the Spencer Estate

Who : Open to all of our graduating senior high youth! (Grade 12)

When : Wednesday, June 16, 6:30 pm
Where : Spencer Estate – 163 Elizabeth Ln, Burnsville, MN, 55337

Bring a lawn chair and come and hang out by a fire and let us celebrate you (and get a present!!)

Past Events

Advent had 12 people attend “The Event”-a United Methodist Conference Youth retreat the weekend of Nov. 1, 2019, in St. Cloud. See photos from “The Event” on our Facebook page

Advent Youth Mission Trip

More that 19 Advent Youth (Grade 9 up to graduating seniors) and six adult partners traveled to Marvell, Arkansas, July 20-28, 2019. Our mission was to see what God was doing in Marvell.

By seeing what Christ is doing in the world, by participating with God in bringing the Kingdom of God a little closer to us, we are further transformed into disciples of Jesus. Our Christian senses are awakened to the possibilities in the world and even at home. We return home changed. And, yes, we can feel a sense of satisfaction over the work we have done. And, yes, we now can have deeper friendships with the people we went with.

We returned with our hearts strangely warmed and our eyes pried open to the movement of Christ all around us. Maybe then, we can continue Christ’s work in a world starving for compassion and justice. 

See more photos from the Advent Youth Mission Trip July 22-27 in Marvell, AR,  on the Advent UMC Youth Facebook page.

Our youth also help with Vacation Bible School. They are challenging us all to be involved, to share what we have with others.